About Alces Tech

Alces Technologies is an independent, mission-based technology and sustainability consulting company. Our name is inspired by the genus and species of one of the most majestic animals of the boreal forests, the moose (Alces alces).

Kamil Kisiel
President and Principal Developer

Kamil started Alces Technologies in 2014 after nearly a decade of working in software development in Canada, the United States, and Japan. He is a passionate developer with a broad skill set and a love for the community. He is an active contributor to the open source community and Vancouver music community. You will likely find him sharing his skills at coding meet-ups, electronic music events, and taiko drumming workshops around Vancouver. His interests in software and firmware development include design of digital music products, innovative computing infrastructure, workflow, and software development processes.

Belinda Li
Principal Engineer

Belinda brings an interdisciplinary background to Alces Technologies, combining foundational training in environmental engineering with data science, international development, research, education, and communications. She specializes in designing and implementing large-scale data collection, data analysis, data visualization/dashboards, and reporting systems. She is the co-founder of Food Systems Lab, a research and innovation hub for sustainable and just food systems at Simon Fraser University. Her current research focus is on evaluating and measuring the efficacy of household food waste prevention interventions, including the potential of using gamification as a catalyst for behaviour change.

Tamara Shulman
Principal Consultant

Tamara is an environmental planner and engagement specialist committed to reducing waste using innovative approaches that effectively foster both system and behaviour change. Over the past 20 years, she has applied her environmental science, communications, facilitation, and management training to positions at the San Francisco Department of the Environment, The Watershed Project—a leading science-based education non-profit, StopWaste.Org in Alameda County, California, and the District of West Vancouver in British Columbia. Since returning to the Metro Vancouver region in 2008, she has been instrumental in shaping organics management and waste reduction programs for municipal,  private sector, and First Nations clients in Canada and the western US. Tamara conducts research and serves as the Director of Community Partnerships for the Simon Fraser University Food System Lab. She is also a Board member for the not-for-profit society, the Recycling Council of British Columbia.